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Real Name:Ashley Fliehr
Birthday:April 5,1986
Born:Charlotte,North Carolina
Billed from:Charlotte,North Carolina
About:Charlotte signed a WWE developmental contract on May 12,2012 and just 14 months later on July 17th,2013 made her debut on NXT in a winning effort against Bayley, with her father Ric Flair in her corner. She'd form a short lived tag team with Bayley that would end on November 13th episode of NXT when she turned on her joining Summer Rae and Sasha Banks in the Beautiful Fierce Females.By the end of February 2014, Charlotte would confront NXT Women's Champion Paige during an interview with Renee Young after her successful title defense against Emma on the NXT ArRIVAL special episode, announcing herself as her next challenger.On April 6, Charlotte, along with Alexa Bliss and Banks, made an appearance at WrestleMania XXX as a part of Triple H's entrance to face Daniel Bryan.The feud between Charlotte and Paige ended on the April 24 episode of NXT, when Charlotte and Banks defeated Emma and Paige with Charlotte scoring the pinfall over Paige.In early May, Charlotte competed in the tournament for the vacant NXT Women's Championship, defeating Emma in the first round, Alexa Bliss in the semi-finals and Natalya in the finals at NXT Takeover to win the NXT Women's Championship for the first time.

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Posted by: Nikki on January 1, 2015

ME_118_Photo_04-1488557512 ME_118_Photo_05-801023326

Charlotte Defeated Sasha Banks


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Posted by: Nikki on December 13, 2014

NXT_REV_Photo_28-82617366 NXT_REV_Photo_29-1944818816_0 NXT_REV_Photo_30-321658213

Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte for the NXT Women’s Championship.

Charlotte got the better of Sasha early and began to wear her out with chops to the chest. Sasha rolled to ringside and then took control with a kick when Charlotte went after her. She sent Charlotte hard back-first into the ringsteps and began to go to work in the ring.

Sasha wore Charlotte out in the corner and hit her double-knee strike on Charlotte who was hung between the turnbuckles. The crowd was split, but the Banks contingent seemed a bit louder. Sasha did a little Flair strut and a short time later, she hit a tilt-a-whirl into a straight-jacket backbreaker which she held in a modified surfboard submission. Impressive.

Charlotte backed Sasha into the corner, but Sasha grabbed a handful of hair and yanked Charlotte to the mat to retain control. Sasha then settled into Charlotte’s own figure-four headlock in the middle of the ring, complete with facebusters. Charlotte managed to work her way to her feet with Sasha on her shoulders and dropped her with a big electric chair. Both ladies were down to the count of eight.

Back on their feet, Charlotte began to fire up. She hit an impressive move where she dropped a suplex into a spinning neckbreaker. Moments later however, Sasha sent Charlotte crashing to ringside and followed up with an impressive tope suicida which popped the crowd. Back in the ring, the ladies went blow for blow until Charlotte hit the ropes and hit a spear which Sasha sold big-time.

Moments later, the two traded finisher reversals until Sasha connected with the Bankrupt neckbreaker for a great near-fall. The crowd spoke up with a chant of “this is awesome.” Charlotte came back with a scoop suplex throw and then went up to the top rope. Sasha avoided the moonsault, but Charlotte landed on her feet and hit a flipping senton onto Sasha for another near-fall.

Charlotte set up for a crucifix powerbomb, but Sasha slipped out and sent Charlotte face-first into the turnbuckles. The crowd chanted “like a boss” as Sasha tried to set up a superplex. Charlotte managed to knock Sasha down to the mat and she followed up coming off the turnbuckles with the Natural Selection for the pinfall…

Charlotte pinned Sasha Banks to retain the NXT Women’s Championship

Digitals: Here

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Posted by: Nikki on December 9, 2014


Natalya defeated Charlotte in the first time they’ve faced each other since NXT Takeover

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Posted by: Nikki on December 6, 2014

Charlotte, Emma & Alicia Fox defeated Paige & The Bella Twins.

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Posted by: Nikki on December 6, 2014

NXT_252_Photo_001-1994741300 NXT_252_Photo_002-4025223054

NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte vs Mia Yim

Charlotte hit a knee to the gut, a hangwoman’s neckbreaker, and the Natural Selection for the win.

Charlotte beat Mia Yim in about 0:50.

Sasha Banks’s music hit and she walked onto the stage wearing a Charlotte shirt. She congratulated Charlotte and suggested she hand over the title because Sasha is going to beat her. Charlotte invited her into the ring, but Sasha said Charlotte doesn’t tell her what to do. Charlotte led the fans to chant “ratchet” at Sasha. Sasha said she’s not ratchet; in fact, she has more flair in her pinky than Charlotte. She said she had more flair than Charlotte and Ric combined. Sasha said Charlotte is going to end up like her “pathetic old man” after she loses the title to Sasha next week.

Bayley walked out onto the stage wearing a knee brace and using crutches. She said Charlotte won’t say it, but Sasha needs to shut her “stupid ratchet face up.” Sasha kicked out Bayley’s crutch and then her knee. Charlotte ran up the ramp, but Sasha appeared to run off. As Charlotte checked on Bayley, Sasha tried to attack Charlotte. Charlotte just threw Sasha over her shoulder like a child and brought her into the ring. Becky Lynch ran down and jumped up on the apron which distracted Charlotte long enough for Sasha to hit a backstabber. Sasha held up the NXT Women’s title and stood over Charlotte to close the segment…

Digitals: Here

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